El Palenque Mexican Restaurant. Sorry to see it go.

I for one am very sorry to see this place go. The owners really tried to make a go of it but through forces outside of their control, they failed.

One of the worst things you can have in any business is a bad landlord. I am extremely lucky to have a great one in Mr. Sams, a old New Smyrna Beach family. For Emerson and his mom and dad(El Palenque’s owners), this was not the case. During the summer of 2010, when the heat was really on the building was too hot. The business owners tried to get the landlord to upgrade the A/C unit but he would not. What were they suppose to do? They had already put a ton of money into a building that was not theirs? Customers complained about the heat and rightly so. It was to hot in there. It was a classic stuck between a rock and a hard place situation. If there is one thing I have learned in business it’s this. Customers don’t care why things are not right, just make them right. You average American thinks that if you own your own business, you must be rich. I would ask around when chatting with customers about other places they like and places I liked. When El Palenque came up I would normally here, “why don’t they just get another A/C?” Easier said than done. It takes money and that was something they did not have because customers stopped coming because of the heat. It a vicious downward spiral to the bottom. They need money for the A/C but can’t make it because it’s too hot but they need A/C to get customers in so they can pay for the A/C.

I am going to miss the carne asada. They had this cheese sauce that was to die for. I would put it on the meat and OMG. It gave it a salty taste that mixed with the smokie flavor of the meat. Of all the New Smyrna Beach Restaurants serving Mexican food, they were the best. The dish also came with refried beans, rice and 4 tortillas. As a restaurant owner, I have no idea how they only charged $10 for that dish. As the owner of a new smyrna beach restaurant myself I know how these things work. It was so much food when you add in the chips and salsa they provided at the every table I don’t see how it was profitable. Remember a restaurant is not just paying for the food, they have rent, gas, electric, insurance, payroll and so on and so forth. You get the picture. It’s not just about the food. That plate of food your eating has to pay for EVERYTHING.

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New Thia Restaurant in New Smyrna Beach

Tried the new Thia restaurant the other day in New Smyrna Beach. It’s located on Canal St where El Palenque used to be. They sold it to a man named Joel. He is American, seems strange that he owns a Thia restaurant but his wife is a native. That’s were they get all their recipes from. I like it very much. They have this peanut sauce that is just to die for. My bill with tip was $50 but we ordered more food than usually. 2 appetizers, 2 soups, and 4 entrees. We usually don’t eat that much be we wanted to give the place a good once over. While I may not be qualified to judge because I have only been to a Thia restaurant twice in my life I thought it was good.

Service was a little slow but they are new and that will get better so I would not give it a negative. The place looks pretty much the same. They added more boot tables to the center area.

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Dolphin View Restaurant in New Smyrna Beach

Welcome to the Dolphin View Seafood restaurants blog site. Here I will post stories of where I ate, if I liked it and why.

First stop. The Dolphin View Seafood Restaurant. a New Smyrna Beach Restaurant.

Dinning is mostly outside with with a large indoor open are seating area that is closed in the winter and heaters are installed. In the summer the sea breeze and shading make it nice and cool, even on the hottest dog days of summer.

Well, this is not really fair. I own the place so don’t listen to anything I have to say, I am obviously biased.

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